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Otto Gooiker

officially sworn translator Russian, Belarussian and Ukrainian.

Since 1999, Sloezjba has been carrying out important official sworn translations from Dutch into Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian.

Member of the NGTV and WBTV
Member of the Netherlands Society of Interpreters and Translators, and registered with Wbtv (Law office for sworn interpreters and translators),
under number 1075

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Ask your question!

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Easy Procedure


Send documents

You send a scan of the document including any apostille on the signature of the relevant official by e-mail or a copy by mail.


I make a concept translation including the translation of the apostille and I send it to you by e-mail.


You correct, if necessary IN RED and mail it back

Definitive translation

I make final translation text and print it on official paper and place my stamps.


If you want a (Dutch or English) apostille on my translation / signature, it can be paid by me to the Court of The Hague in the amount of 20 euros. My mediation for collecting costs 10 euros. You can also do that yourself afterwards. Address: Rechtbank, Prins Clauslaan 60, The Hague. This apostille may be required for translations from Dutch into RUSS or OEKR. Ask your embassy.

Payment / Send

You pay per bank / giro internet, and I send it to you by mail with the account of. . . . . euro + 21% VAT. OR you will pick up the translation at my residential office address in The Hague and pay the invoice in cash. . . . . euro + 21% VAT.

Shortly about

Sloezjba is translated from Russian; "Service".

When I moved back to the Netherlands in 1999, I started translating documents from Russian, Belarussian and Ukrainian citizens and companies. Often I can also provide information to clients with questions about apostille, official foreign documents and official foreign certificates.

I myself also lived and worked in Russia. I had my company and social contacts in Russia.

In short

A versatile and scientifically formed sworn translator.
Cooperation with two respective Russian and Ukrainian native speakers.

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Sloezjba, Служба - beëdigd vertaalwerk Russisch en Oekraïens
Vondelstraat 143, 2513 ES Den Haag, Netherlands

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Thank you Otto, it was very fast and efficient! Also, translators are often annoyed when they are asked to correct some mistakes, but you are very understanding.